Dog Trip Packing List

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Dog Trip Packing List

Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst


Traveling with your dog can add fun and excitement to a road trip. Growing up, we traveled with our westie, Muffin, sitting with us on long road trips. Here is a list of items I recommend packing for taking a dog with you on a road trip. This is definitely not an exclusive list, but is a good start.

Things to bring for a dog on a road trip:

  • Dog food (enough to last the trip)
  • Water
  • Food dishes
  • Water bowls or dog water bottles
  • Prescribed medications from your vet
  • Flea medicine
  • Pooper scooper and poop bags
  • Dog brush
  • Dog seat belt/harness
  • Leash
  • Dog Bed
  • Car seat cover
  • Other items uniquely important to your dog

Check out our list of dog travel accessories such as pet carriers, dog travel bags, bowls, water bottles and more.

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