About Us

All my family vacations growing up took place on the road. Whether it was driving for a camping trip in Eastern Washington for two weeks to going to California for the first time to meet my aunt, my family drove everywhere. I never flew on a plane until the age of 18.

I really fell in love with road trips when my wife and I decided that it made sense economically to drive from Washington to Michigan for her brother's wedding. It was so exciting to see lands that previously I had only seen on maps. From seeing the beauty of Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho to the quirky (and massive) Wall Drug in South Dakota, I was excited to experience what had only been vague ideas in my head. The topography, the restaurants, sites, shops and more were exciting new experiences. I look forward to more road trips. There is so much to explore.

With that in mind, we decided to start a store dedicated to making road tripping easier, more comfortable and fun for adults, kids and pets. We have curated a list of products that we hope you will like.

Happy road tripping!